What is Powder Coating

Without the technical jargon. Powder coating is a fine coloured powder, applied by static to any metal object. Typically that “metal object” will be Metal garden furniture, car and bike parts or following a new trend, industrial bedroom furniture (you get the gist). This is then cured under heat to provide a uniform smooth finish. The end results are far superior to any wet paint coating.

Benefits of Powder Coating

The Process is a dry coating so no need for solvent to be used to keep the coating in a liquid form. This also emits zero to near zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

You can get a much thicker coating than with usual liquid coatings, without running or sagging.

With galvanising as the primer, edge protection is increased rather than decreased as in normal wet coat application.

Here’s a list of items we can help with:

Gates, Railings, Window bars & grills, Bollards, Posts, Industrial doors, Balustrades, Machine guards, Shelving & racking, Office furniture, Carts & carriages, Crates & cages, Variety of chassis, Alloy wheels, Go karts, Roll cages, Motorbike frames, Bicycle frames, Handle bars, Garden furniture, Benches, Radiators.

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